Whenever you make a purchase, we donate 10% of the total sale to Crisis Pregnancy Center.
It's said it takes a village to raise a child, and we are so grateful for ours. So when we created BeeBee Baubles we wanted to support an agency that serves expectant mothers who do not have a village of their own. Crisis Pregnancy Center does exactly that by meeting the physical, mental and spiritual needs of women and families in crisis due to an unplanned pregnancy. CPC is also committed to serving the community by providing educational programs and services at local schools. That's why 10% of total sales goes directly to this fantastic agency and their mission.

About Crisis Pregnancy Centers

The Crisis Pregnancy Centers of Greater Phoenix, Inc. are happy to provide the following individualized, and confidential services either free of charge or at a very low cost:

  • pregnancy verification and viability through ultrasound
  • counseling and education to women and families in crisis as a result of an unplanned pregnancy
  • testing for sexually transmitted infections (STIs/STDs)
  • counseling for those who test positive for sexually transmitted infections
  • counseling for birth parents and their families who are exploring the option of adoption and ongoing support for those who choose adoption
  • healing and hope to those who have experienced abortion (abortion recovery counseling)
  • parenting education
  • education to youth about premarital sexual abstinence
  • options education
  • education and counseling regarding healthy relationships and positive life choices
  • referrals to and collaboration with other agencies
Our goal is to present medically accurate and up-to-date information in order to empower men and women to make informed, healthy choices that will serve to save lives and protect futures.